During this time, parents are taking on a lot as they become teachers' assistants as well.  One way to take a little something off of your plate and still engage your children in learning is to check out Raising Readers Read-Aloud group on Facebook.

Raising Readers is a Maine nonprofit whose purpose is to start every child's upbringing in the State of Maine to include the love of reading.  You have probably come across a free book, but likely more, after some of your children's doctor's appointments.  Those books are provided by Raising Readers for distribution by Maine health care providers and funded by the Libra Foundation.


The books featured in the read-alouds are the books given to children at their health provider visits.  Additionally, you'll get to see the authors of these books as well as advisors of the Raising Readers organization.

Here are books included in the read-alouds with links to find the books, if you don't have them already, and a link to the read-aloud.

Raising Readers Read-Aloud Books


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