On Thursday, the City of Brewer announced that the city would be the first in the region to upgrade their street lights to LED lights.

According to the streetlight conversion web page posted on the City of Brewer's website, the project will serve many purposes:

Brewer is interested in reducing its energy consumption and maintenance costs associated with street lighting. Installing LED streetlight fixtures will save energy, require less maintenance, and will provide citizens with better light quality on streets and roadways.

It is a conversion project that will start later this month will affect nearly 900 of the streetlights currently in Brewer.  The project is planned to wrap up at the end of May.

Brewer City Mayor Jerry Goss expressed his excitement for the project while explaining the benefits that the new lighting will have for the city saying that the project will reduce costs, reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Brewer's streetlight energy use and maintenance costs will be reduced as well as increase the visibility of streets and improve the color emitted from the street lights.

Overall the project will result in energy savings of 65% with a decrease in city costs of nearly $100,000 yearly.

For more information, check out the web page dedicated to Brewer's streetlight conversion project, published by the City of Brewer.

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