For a variety of reasons, most of which I will never care about discussing, this election has been one for the books. It seems no one has stopped campaigning since the 2016 election. If there's only one good thing about this cycle, it's that there can't possibly be a single undecided voter in this country, regardless of party.

Ultimately, it is what it is. You do your thing, I'll do mine. But finally, in Bangor, people can finally do their thing early. Some cities in Maine have had their early voting available since October 5th, but Bangor just got itself set up this week. I imagine there will be a lot of happy folks who'd like to cast their ballot now, and avoid the long lines next month.

According to WFVX - TV22, city officials also see it as a safety precaution to get early voting going. Bangor City Clerk Lisa Goodwin, made this statement:

We’re giving people more opportunity to get out here and vote absentee in-person if they want to, rather than coming on Election Day and have to wait in lines. Just because of COVID, we want to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to get out when they feel safe to do that.

Because of all this, the whole city clerk's office has been moved over to the Cross Insurance Center. Even regular day to day things such as marriage licenses and birth certificates will be handled at the Cross Center. that'll certainly make it easier to get in and out and not deal with crazy downtown parking, haha.

Normally early voting isn't until a week or so before the election, but again, COVID inspired folks to start it about a month out this year. If you want to vote early, you can do it Monday-Friday at the Cross Center from 8am - 530pm. Except the very last day on the 30th, when polls will close at 5pm.

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