E-40 is trending on social media after a poorly done tattoo of the Bay Area legend's face goes viral.

In a video by Instagram user and tattoo artist @inkdonebytone that appears to have been posted and then deleted on Tuesday (May 10), he shows off his E-40 tattoo he inked on a woman’s bicep and let’s just say that he missed the mark. The artwork looks like a bloated image of 40 Water with bugged-out oval eyes.

In a Twitter post featuring the viral clip of the offending tattoo, the commenter wrote, “Get your fucking money back right now” along with several tears of joy emojis to represent the person’s laughter.

Of course, people had plenty to say once the video of the badly conceived E-40 tat went viral.

"Somebody said it looks like E40 drowned in a river," tweeted one user who was not impressed by the ink work.

"Saw E-40 trending - was thinking something bad happened - until I saw the tattoo, and realized it was worse than I expected...," wrote another person.

It’s not uncommon for fans to get tattoos of their favorite hip-hop artists. In fact, one woman, who is a mega-Eminem fan, broke the Guinness World Record in March of 2020 for having the most tattoos of the same artist on her body. Scotland’s Nikki Patterson currently has 20 tats of Em's face and 31 tattoos of the Detroit rhymer overall.

Check out more reactions from people who saw the unimpressive E-40 tattoo below.

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