Duncan, a 20-week-old Collie representing Portland on Team Fluff for Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XVI is the winner!

Duncan had a rough start and according to NewCenter Maine, was one of more than 80 animals rescued by The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland (ARLGP) in back in the summer of 2019.

This is Duncan right after he was brought into the ARLGP


He has since been adopted and lives very happily with his forever family in Scarborough.

Animal Planet announced the winner on Twitter:



It's not the first time a Maine dog has been in the Puppy Bowl, but it does appear it's the first time a Maine dog has won it all! Too bad the Patriots didn't win, that would have been a nice combo!

Duncan was a starter for "Team Fluff" in New York City. He is now the proud owner of Chewy "Lombarky" Trophy.

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