According to the Portland Press Herald, the Edna Libby Elementary School in Standish will be closed Monday, Feb. 3. Workers need one more day to disinfect the building.

District officials actually talked with the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention about the decision to close and disinfect.

They made the announcement on Facebook Sunday night.

There was a surge in the number of kids sick throughout last week. By Friday, 35 percent of students had called out sick. There are almost 300 kids that go to Edna Libby. They expect to be back open on Tuesday the 4th.

Some parents commented that they were grateful the school was closing and some went as far to suggest that all schools in SAD 6 close to be properly disinfected.

No other school in the district had the numbers of kids with the flu like Edna Libby.

The flu is in all 16 counties, and with the scare of the coronavirus, you can't be too careful. You also can't wash your hands too often. And for God's sake, please cough into your elbow!

The flu has killed 10 people this season according to the Maine CDC. Be careful and take care of yourselves.


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