Ready for a fun way to get outside and test your Downtown Bangor knowledge for a sweet prize?  Check out this fun scavenger hunt from Downtown Bangor to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Get ready to find 12 locations throughout Downtown Bangor using the scavenger hunt list and collect a bead for each location described on the list.

The location hints use historic events that have occurred in Downtown Bangor's history including the Great Fire of 1911 as well as cultural references to locate these 12 places in a unique, and maybe educational, way.

We've added a little help by adding links to give you a nudge in the right direction 😉

Get your honey and collect a bead from each location.  Once you collect all 12 beads, bring it over to Fork and Spoon or Bagel Central for a special Valentines cookie.

Necklace cords for your beads can be found at the 3rd location or stop by Maine Jewelry and Art and grab one.  While you're at Maine Jewelry and Art, you can grab a clasp for $0.50 to make your necklace complete.

And, a few side notes if you choose to take on this fun Valentines challenge, call 992-4234 or email if you come across an empty container and, get started!  You have until Valentines Day to get in on this sweet adventure.

Downtown Bangor also has a great Valentine's gift guide if you are looking for the perfect gift for you Valentine, including dinner and overnight stay package, potion and spell books, candies, and discounts from your favorite Downtown shops.

Here are your scavenger hunt clues which can also be found at the Downtown Bangor website and take a look at those 'Z Nation hints' in case you need a little extra help.

The 2021 Downtown Bangor Valentine's Scavenger Hunt Clues

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