In the past few weeks, we've gotten to catch a kick-ass comet in the sky with Comet Neowise, and it looks like we could catch more action this week and into August.

The Delta Aquariid meteor showers are at peak through tonight which means a great show for those who like to watch the stars.

Additionally another meteor shower, Alpha Capricornid, is already in full swing making for a sweet cosmic double feature.

We may have missed the great dueling showers at it's best last night but, we can still keep our eyes to the midnight skies for a chance at seeing them tonight and tomorrow night.

The American Meteor Society is stating that both meteor showers will go into at least the middle of August with the Capricornid showers continuing until August 15th and the Delta Aquariids going through until August 23rd.

To see these meteor showers, it is best to find a place to view that isn't around a lot of nighttime lighting and to gaze southward.  Also, plan on a late night or early morning with most activity taking place around 1 AM.

Coming up for August meteor showers, we can expect some great shower activity in the middle of the month with appearances of the the Eridanids on August 10th, the Perseids on August 12th and the August beta Piscid on August 13th.

For a more in-depth analysis of what to expect with these meteor showers and upcoming ones in August, visit the American Meteorological Society's forecast or 'Meteor Activity Outlook', page dedicated to the time period of July 25th - July 31st. 

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