Spotify's recent online ads are a bit on the creepy side lately.  Unfortunately, they may be a bit too creepy from some viewers.

NPR has reported that a UK advertising watchdog group has decided that one of Spotify's recent ads goes a little too far in it's creepiness, featuring top 40 hit, "Havana" by Camila Cabello.

The ad is a parady of the modern horror movie genre that includes a house full of friends listening to one of their favorite songs which seems to bring to life a chilling large doll with a super big creepy head and huge sunken eyes.  Every time the song is played, the doll comes to life and creeps everybody the frig out!  At one point one of the friends says, "I know it's a great song with it's catchy melody and sing-along lyrics but, we can not play that song!"

The ad ends with the tag "Killer songs you can't resist, listen free."

Spotify agreed and has altered how it exposes this particular ad depending on the audience watching certain videos it advertises with and to show the creepy-ass doll well after the ability to skip the ad.

See this chilling ad yourself...

The creepy doll with the super long arm image is burned into MY brain but....

Video still from chester bennington via YouTube
Video still from chester bennington via YouTube

... are you creeped out by this ad?

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