"I'm so sick of online dating!" There's a good chance you've heard that phrase or something similar from someone surrounding your life. Social media and dating sites/apps have changed the way modern dating works and how people meet in hopes of finding love. But if you find that to be a struggle, dig into this personals ad from 1865 from Aroostook County, Maine.

Shared on Twitter via Flaskbak.com, the ad tells the tale of single 18-year-old gentleman searching for a member of the "female persuasion" to spend his life with. Keep in mind, the average life expectancy during this time was 38 years old for an American male.

But it sounds like what he's selling ain't half bad for the 1800's, he clearly loves America, noting his admiration for the star spangled banner, the 4th of July and former U.S. President Andrew Johnson. And he must be a hard worker too, seeding 10 acres of his state lot in a years time surely is nothing to scoff at.

Unfortunately, we don't know the conclusion to this personals ad. Did said fine, young gentleman find the spinster he was searching for? (We'll save you the trip to Google, a spinster is another name for an unmarried woman) Perhaps people in the County know the rest of this tale. For now, let's sit back and realize that dating today versus the mid-1800's is A LOT different...and a lot less bully.

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