The MaineDOT sent out an update on Friday on what to expect for the upcoming Bangor area road construction of the much anticipated I-395/Route 9 Connector.

Due to traffic management during the construction we can expect the bridge on Route 1A over the connector to be a separate phase of the construction, with construction on this phase to begin early next year.

As for the bulk of the connector's construction, we can expect construction to begin in 2022.

The project was developed to connect busy Route 9 to I-395, some say a "missing" link to solve regional problems of transportation system connections, safety and mobility.

The MaineDOT also mentioned that there will be a public meeting about the bridge this spring.

Planning of this project have been going on for years,  which has included a detailed topographic survey for the entire length and width of the project starting in 2016.

The survey used a combination of aerial observations as well as traditional ground surveys to determine the locations of terrain and property boundaries.

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