Tomorrow the national "March for Our Lives" March is planned to advocate for gun reform due to ongoing violent, mass murder incident's in the United States.

Citizen across the state of Maine will also join the March in event across the state, including Bangor, Orono and Portland.

With the attention given to this event, there have been counter events organized to oppose the March across the nation.  These events are to counter the restrictions that could be imposed on the 2nd amendment right.

One of these counter Marches will take place in the capital of Montana. Montana is one of the states that totes the highest gun ownership in the nation.

The event is being called "March for Our Guns".

According to the event's website, the event was organized due to not agreeing with "some of the issues presented in the "March for Our Lives" mission statement."

The mission states that guns should not be taken away from young, law abiding gun owners:

Alarmist leftist rhetoric should not take the guns from law-abiding youth that use the firearms to hunt and provide for their families.

The rules of the event ask supporters to leave the guns at home and to keep things respectful:

Participants will not represent this march that conduct themselves with anything but respect of opinions and free speech of others.

Other states with planned counter marches to the "March for Our Lives" event include California, Indiana and Utah.

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