I voted today. Have you? Its the first time I'd done so in the morning. Usually, I'm one of the many who leave it to the very last minute, and end up in a line of like-minded procrastinators at the end of the day. But today, despite the rain and clouds, I got up early and headed out the door.

In Bangor, everyone votes at the Cross Insurance Center, and polls opened at 7AM. I got there about 8:30, and already a few hundred folks had voted before me!

As usual, the candidates were out in front of the entrance, greeting folks and shaking hands, making that one final push for support.

As I made my way in to the building, there were plenty of signs directing people on what they would need to register to vote, if they hadn't already, and where to go if they had.

I'm always impressed with the set up, when I see it.

All I had to do was find my line, pick up my ballot and fill it out!

From there, I waited in line with a few dozen people, to physically put the ballot in to the box...

and once I ran it through, it confirmed my ballot had been counted!

And then one final step...picking up my sticker!

It was literally as easy as that. So I hope you all get out and vote today! Polling in Bangor closes at 8PM!