Fox Maine/ABC 7's and The Morning Roast's Dave Peck is a brave man! He challenged Maine's best basketball player Cooper Flagg in a little 1 on 1 game, 1st to 7 the other day.

Now Peck is at least twice Flagg's age. Peck as you can see in the video is a mastermind of basketball psychology! He wore a Brewer Witch uniform top. The Witches were the only team that beat Nokomis last winter, when Nokomis High School of Newport won the Gold Ball.

But Flagg was undeterred. After all he had played in front of a tough home crowd in Spain this summer for the USA FIBA U-15 team that won the gold medal.

So how did Peck do? We won't spoil it for you, as you can see it below. Let's just say, Cooper's title as the Best Basketball Player in Maine isn't in jeopardy! Dave...Hope you can walk this morning and remember Who's Your Daddy?!

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