If you live in Bangor, my guess is you've driven past the Maine Air Museum at 98 Maine St. at least a dozen times, but never had a chance to go in and check out the cool stuff they have inside! Well, the folks at the museum are hoping to change that with a fun event taking place on Saturday August 10th.

From 2 to 4 that day, the museum is not only offering free admission, but free ice cream as well! Its a really great opportunity to go and check out the cool things inside, while cooling off with a sweet treat! According to their facebook post, organizers recommend you bring a camera to take photos of some of the neat stuff they'll have on display! Stuff like the "Dow Air Force Base crash-fire truck; an actual jet engine; an original bomb that once contained a nuclear warhead; Army Guard helicopter; Taylorcaft winged aircraft; small yellow helicopter; many artifacts from various military installations across Maine, and more!"

You'll also be able to get an up-close and personal look at the aircraft viewing platform, as its a hop-ski-and-a-jump away from the taxiway!

Located in the old Dow AFB missile assembly building, they organizers say this will be an event appropriate for all ages, and invite you to come in and explore!

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