Two men have been charged in connection with an assault on a local man who was fixing his bicycle on Front and Railroad Street Wednesday.

Liam Geagan, 18, of Brewer, and Benjamin Gillibrand, 19, of Bangor were charged with assault. (There is no booking photo of Gillibrand because he was issued a summons to appear in court.)

During the investigation, Bangor police became aware of videos which had been posted on Facebook. The videos depict assaults believed to be carried out by more than one suspect.

Penobscot County Jail
Penobscot County Jail

So far police  have identified two suspects -- one of whom is a juvenile male -- as being involved in these attacks. That juvenile male has since been charged with assault.

The investigation continues as police work to identify each of the suspects and victims from the Facebook videos. Additional charges are likely.

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