A brand new exhibit has taken over the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, except you won't exactly be able to see them right away. Five new gigantic, larger-than-life wooden trolls have been carved out as part of a brand new exhibit at the Gardens called "Guardians of the Seeds."

According to the Portland Press Herald, trolls were actually carved out by a Denmark artist named Thomas Dambo, who has been a bit of a man of the woods lately, spending two months in the woods carving out these five trolls.

Honestly, when you see the size of these trolls, which you'll have access to viewing the new exhibit beginning Saturday, May 29, you'll be blown away at the fact this artist, along with the help of volunteers, carved out these massive trolls in only two months. Even though the exhibit doesn't officially open for a few more Saturdays, visitors to the Botanical Gardens may end up getting a sneak peek of some of the trolls because of their placement.

Others are hidden much deeper in the Gardens and won't be viewable until the exhibit officially opens. When that date comes, maps of where to find all five of the trolls and their stories will be provided at the visitor center. But we already know a little about the trolls' stories, thanks to Portland Press Herald -- basically the trolls are seen as coming out of the deep woods to protect the people of earth who, in a sense, are destroying it.

The most amazing thing? Thomas didn't just make this specifically for Maine -- his goal is to make it a global exhibit that dives deeper into the need to save forests across the world. Are you excited to head to the Botanical Gardens to see if you can sneak a peek at a couple of the trolls now, or will you wait until the full exhibit opens and you can go searchin' for some trollskis?

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