A lot happened during Stephen King's guest appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

In case you missed it, Colbert hosted King on Thursday, September 12, and asked him about horror entertainment and politics (which have a lot of overlap these days).

Colbert asked King about his cameo in the newest "IT" movie, his new book "The Institute," and politics, including replacing Senator Susan Collins and blocking Donald Trump on Twitter (see the Late Show's Instagram post below).

My favorite part of the interview, however, was in the very beginning when Colbert welcomed King to the show.

After the band played him on, Stephen King entered stage left, shook hands and clapped his hand on Colbert's shoulder, greeted the audience, and made his way to the guest chair. After applause subsided, Colbert thanked King, who sported a denim shirt and blue jeans, for coming on the show and for wearing what was considered "formal attire" in Maine.

Let's take his comment as acceptance, people. I plan to wear all denim to every wedding I attend from here on out. No fuss, no dress shopping, no heels. Just denim. Thank you, Stephen, for starting the best trend ever. And thanks other Stephen, for pointing it out to the nation.

You can watch the interview here:

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