How do you think Stephen King celebrates his birthday? Is there a really big party where everyone shows up in their '58 Plymouth Furys? Maybe it's more of a pet party filled with St. Bernards and little kitties named Church? Perhaps all of that is just a little too much and the celebration should be kept simple. How about a single red balloon and a clown? It appears someone in Bangor had just that idea.

Shared on Twitter by Ben Sprague, the day after Stephen King's 73rd birthday, a single red balloon was spotted floating along the canals in Bangor. It seemed like a fitting tribute to the master of horror, who has given all of us so many incredibly memorable works.

However, there was a common theme amongst the commenters on Sprague's post. "Did anyone follow the balloon to see where it ended up?". As far as we know, not a soul dared to do just that. That's the beauty of Stephen King's works, we all know that Pennywise the clown is a work of fiction, the clown simply isn't real. But what if? What if you followed that single red balloon all the way to the sewer drain and...

We'll never know. And that might be a good thing. Happy belated, Stephen.

Stephen King Over the Years

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