Planning a night of scary movies this Halloween season? Bangor’s most famous resident is responsible for many of them!

Since Halloween is almost here, we are 100% invested in all things spooky. It seems like the perfect time to take a deep dive into the collected works of Stephen King, which is no small feat.

Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, so that means you could have a lazy weekend marathon of scary flicks!

There have been over 60 of his published works that have been turned into either feature films, or mini-series, and there are several in development to come to a screen near you. When you are that prolific, it is hard to narrow it down to just one choice, but some of his film adaptations are so iconic that it seems like a perfect subject to explore.

The website IGN ranked their picks for "The 12 Best Stephen King Movies Of All-Time"

Here is how the list breaks down:

#12 The Dead Zone
#11 Gerald's Game
#10 The Mist
#9 Creepshow
#8 The Green Mile
#7 Stand By Me
#6 IT-Chapter One
#5 Doctor Sleep
#4 Carrie
#3 Misery
#2 The Shining
#1 The Shawshank Redemption

Not all of these are horror stories, but you could certainly make a solid and scary Halloween night of viewing from several of these titles.

If we left any off this list, please share your favorite!

The Shining




Pet Sematary

Children of the Corn


The Green Mile

Stand By Me

The Shawshank Redemption



The Stand


The Dead Zone

Salem’s Lot


Happy viewing...and Happy Halloween!!

People Posing In Front Of Stephen King's House

On any given day, you can see lots of people heading to West Broadway in Bangor, to get a glimpse at the home of the legendary author.

Gallery Credit: Arlen Jameson

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