Townsquare Media sales guy, Chris Popper, is a Z Morning Show staple.  He is known for his saying "Oh hi!" and is the kind of guy that plays along with the Morning Show's crazy antics.

With that being said, the Z Morning Show has produced a new video featuring one of the show's most beloved personalities by showcasing his most popular phrase.

We took to Twitter to find the best and most interesting tweets consisting of #ohhi and asked Popper to give us a reading of these tweets.

The challenge had been set.  Do you think he succeeded?  Take a look at the results of this interesting combination as we present: Chris Popper Reads #Ohhi Tweets.

This video is the next piece of Popper that the Z Morning Show gets to share with you.  The history of #Ohhi has been presented on-air but we luckily have it right here online to live forever in infamy:

Here's more Popper, if you haven't had enough:

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