A press release was sent out on Monday from the State of Massachusett's Attorney General, Maura Healey, announcing a citation of $1.37 million for violating child labor laws and other state wage and hour law violations throughout Massachusetts.

About 13,253 child labor violations were discovered in about 50 corporate-owned locations in the Bay State.

Part of the settlement included a half a million dollar payment towards education for young people regarding work laws and workforce training and development for young workers.

Citations also included failing to make timely payment of wages as well as records violations.

The investigation began when a minor's parent complained about their child working past midnight at one location in Beverly, Massachusetts.  This ended up being a regular occurrence as indicated by Chipotle's own records, which violates child labor laws.

Other child labor violations included minors working without valid work permits, working too late in the evening and too many hours per day and per work for minors.

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