This should be a warning to anyone who owns a vehicle, especially if they have small children.

According to WMTW, a Massachusetts boy nearly died when he was strangled by his seatbelt.

This incident happened on Saturday.  Siobhan Sherbovich was driving home from an ice cream shop. In the backseat were her children, including her eight year old son, Brayden.

When Siobhan heard Brayden complaining that he could not breathe, she looked in the backseat and found that Brayden had someone managed to get the unused middle seat belt wrapped around his neck.  Within a few seconds, he was basically hanging from the vehicle's ceiling.  He was unconscious and did not appear to be breathing.

Spotting a salon out of the corner of her eye, Siobhan ran to the business and borrowed a pair of scissors, which she used to cut the seat belt in order to free Brayden.

First-responders arrived and took him to the hospital to be evaluated.  Fortunately, it looks like he is going to be fine.

Police warn that people should always have a pair of seat belt cutters in their vehicle, just in case.

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