The greater Boothbay area is the essence of coastal Maine living. There's something purely magical about being surrounded by the ocean, the boats, stunning landscape, and a sense of small-town community.

Past the iconic Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay is Southport. Continue down to the coast and you'll end up in the magical and picturesque neighborhood of Newagen.

In the heart of Newagen is Cape Newagen Alpaca Farm. They sell locally spun natural yarns from their very own alpacas as well as alpaca clothing from Peruvian Link. They also have various home goods and skincare items. In addition to the shop, they offer and value farm education with helpful information and classes.

For the casual alpaca fan and lover of the outdoors, they have Alpaca Treks offered year-round.

This experience allows you to walk with one of their alpacas. Think walking a dog, but bigger and fluffier! During the colder winter months, the hike will take you along their woodland trail. During the warmer months, you'll venture out into Newagen to explore. You will be accompanied by the owners as your guide where you'll learn all about alpacas. They promise plenty of time for alpaca cuddles and photo ops!

This is a great family activity as children as young as 9 may participate and get their own alpaca to walk. If this is something you and your family might be interested in, get more details on their website here.

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