Yes, you are stuck indoors, but Danny is here to entertain us all!

There is a new episode of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman, that was recorded on Wednesday, March 4, so it is a "normal" show, complete with a studio audience, and lots of people shaking hands and standing close to each other. There are several disclaimers throughout the show revealing the actual taping date, which happened before all this madness.

Check out guests Lucas Richman, a Grammy winning composer/conductor and the maestro for the Bangor Symphony Orchestra. Adam Ouelette, a singer/songwriter from Madawaska who performs statewide. He makes his first appearance on the show to perform a cover of the classic, "Lightning Crashes."

Plus, Dan talks about Dirigo Reads. It's a program started by he and his wife Karen to get first graders throughout the state a new book to keep every month of the school year. Dan talks about this program for the first time on the show as new schools are being recruited for the 2020-2021 school year. A fun "thank you" video for Dirigo Star Founding Partner Machias Savings Bank is broadcast as well.

Here are some highlights from recent shows!

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