Let's face it, this is probably the one and only time that voting for "Who Is The Fattest" online is not a terribly soulless thing to do, but actually a great idea!

It's "Fat Bear Week" in one Alaska National Park. It's a yearly celebration of the success of the bear population at the Brooks River in Katmai National Park. And when you're talking bears, what other way is there to judge their success but by how big they can grow?! I'd say a bear is doing things right if it's big, wouldn't you?

How does this work exactly, you ask? Well, it begins with a click of the button: a trip to the website, explore.org. Then you simply look at the pictures, read the profiles and cast your vote.

"This is a single elimination tournament. For each set of two bears, vote for one who you think is the fattest. The bear with the most votes advances. Only one will be crowned champion of Fat Bear Week."

The pictures were kind of they key thing for me. They show you before pictures of contenders like "Otis" and "Walker" from late June of this year. Then they show the after photos. And let me tell ya, these bears get BIG!

You have until this Sunday October 6th to cast your vote for who you think is the "fattest" bear.

Personally, I'm rooting for Chunk. What's not to love about a big bear with a brilliant name?!

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