Camp at the base of Maine's Mt. Katahdin while learning, hiking, and having an overall good time! It's a summer camp for grown-ups!

One of my favorite summer camps as a kid is now offering a summer camp program for grown-ups! The girl scout camp is is located on a body of water at the base of Katahdin and near the Millinocket entrance to Baxter State Park.

Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media
Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media

Those attending Camp Adventure will be able to spend the night and participate in activities in and around the camp. Some of the options for activities are:

  • Archery
  • Backpacking
  • Canoeing
  • Camp life
  • Hiking Katahdin
  • Hike lower trails
  • Learn Outdoor Cooking
  • A Spa Adventure
  • Photography Classes

There is even an option to just relax while you stay at the camp! Sounds like my kind of place! It should be noted different activities do cost different amounts.

Where this is a new camp it is unknown how fast spots will fill up, but if you want to go you may want to grab one quick as you can as spots are limited.

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