This small chapel with a view and surrounding gardens would be perfect for a wedding, photo shoot, picnic, or relaxing walk!

About an hour and twenty minutes from Bangor along coastal Maine sits this beautiful chapel surrounded by amazing flower gardens, tall blooming trees, and a view of Penobscot Bay.

In 1960, Mrs. Helene Bok purchased the property and began working to fulfill a dream she had of buildiing a chapel that would be for all people- a chapel that would open out upon the world- a chapel that would speak in and of itself of the beauty and goodness and truth of nature, life and God.
Built atop a rock ledge in the manner of a Swiss chalet, the chapel is constructed of pine, and it is capable of seating 50 people comfortably.

The grounds and chapel are currently maintained by the Vesper Hill Foundation who strive to stay true to Mrs. Bok and what she would have wanted.

Donations are accepted but a visit to the grounds are free for all. The Vesper Hill Children's Chapel is located at 30 Chapel Rd. in Rockport.



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