AhoOoOoO! It's time for another edition of Weekends With Wolfey!

Lots going on this weekend! Check out the video above for the latest live entertainment going on in Downtown Bangor, and if that's not enough, here's the rest of the list!


  • Downunder - Motor Booty Affair
  • Hollywood Casino - Jake Irish
  • Nocturnem Drafthaus - Bill Barnes Trio
  • Paddy's - Jordan Kaulback
  • Sea Dog - Fighting Fiction
  • Blaze - Dom Colizzi and Dylan Brann
  • Pour House - Riot Act
  • Chummies - Terrapin Orchestra


  • Paddy's - DJ Wax On
  • Downunder - Chaos Machine, Seize The Vatican, The Waking Life, Destination: Void, Ripfence
  • Nocturnem Drafthaus - Will St. Peter Duo
  • Pour House - Riot Act
  • High Tide - Dom Colizzi and Dylan Brann
  • Hollywood Casino - Lucie and the Undercover Band
  • Sea Dog - Premium Channels
  • Chummies - Livewire

If your bar or club would like to be considered for Weekends with Wolfey, email wolfey@townsquaremedia.com.

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