AhoOoOoO! It's time for another edition of Weekends With Wolfey!

Lots going on this weekend! Check out the list below for the latest live entertainment going on in Downtown Bangor.


  • Paddy's - Hunter
  • Nocturnem - Vinyl Night with DJ Thom Cossgrove
  • Downunder - Reks, Javi, VII the Artist and Qezo
  • Hollywood Casino - Cliff Randall Band
  • Sea Dog - Adam Babcock
  • Penobscot Pour House - Dakota
  • High Tide - Aaron Bealieu
  • Chummies - Summit


  • Nocturnem - Rotating Taps
  • Paddy's - Adam Babcock Band
  • Hollywood Casino -  Cliff Randall Band
  • Sea Dog - Stesha Cano & The Wicked Friggin' Jerks
  • Penobscot Pour House - Dakota
  • Chummies - Mondo Charlie

If your bar or club would like to be considered for Weekends with Wolfey, email Wolfey@townsquaremedia.com.

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