Bada Bing Bangor!!

It's hard to believe that as of June 10th, the classic HBO series "The Sopranos" left the airwaves ten years ago with it's controversial fade to black ending, but you can relive the iconic opening of the show Bangor style!

A YouTube video from Cody Morgan brilliantly took the iconic opening theme music and credits to the HBO series "The Sopranos" and set them in Bangor, Maine.
Remember Tony's drive back to Jersey from New York? This video starts on 395, where you see exit signs for Parkway South and Downtown Bangor and you see such landmarks as Bass Park, St. Joseph's Hospital, The Cross Insurance Center, Hollywood Casino, Downtown Bangor and you see the outdoor sign for my buddy Mark's establishment, Carolina's Sports & Spirits.

The just like the real intro, the neighborhoods get progressively better till the driver, chomping on a cigar pulls into the driveway!

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