I'm not much of a theater geek but there was something about 'Cabaret' that entered my musical lexicon and joined my album collection in my later high school years.  I must admit I've never seen the show or the movie but maybe now is my time.

The Collins Center is bringing the musical masterpiece of debauchery and darkness that is 'Cabaret' to Orono May 15th.

The Collins Center is bringing a special version to it's stage:

"Based on Roundabout Theatre Company’s Tony Award®-winning production, SAM MENDES (Skyfall, American Beauty) and ROB MARSHALL’S (Into the Woods and Chicago, the films)  CABARET comes to the CCA."

The musical was brought to Broadway by John Kander, Fred Ebbs and Joe Masterson, premiering onstage in 1966.  'Caberet' has celebrated 50 years on the stage and has gone through incredible transformations since, being adapted to a movie version and several on-stage revivals.  Playbill.com gave this description of it's evolution, "Each incarnation was groundbreaking for its time, but each new revision also pushed the envelope further and further in terms of the authenticity of 1930s Weimar Germany."

This musical is a racy one, so, mature audiences only.

For more information and to get tickets, head over to the Collins Center website.

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