After 22 years in Bangor, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse closed its doors Monday night.

Cody Placencia, the manager of the Bangor eatery, confirmed Tuesday the restaurant at 24 Bangor Mall Boulevard was closed. He said employees were told Monday.

A notice was posted on the restaurant's door on Tuesday.

With its talking animatronic animals (and fir tree), Bugaboo Creek was a popular spot for many years, and many local families had a sentimental attachment to the restaurant.

"We've done well," Placencia said. "We've been happy to serve the community."

Bugaboo was one of the first chain restaurants to open near the Bangor Mall. It had undergone ownership changes and renovations in recent years. During that time, it also felt the effects of competing chain steakhouses -- including Longhorn Steakhouse and Texas Roadhouse -- which opened nearby.

Bugaboo Creek employed between 35 and 40 people, Placencia said.

"It's sad," said Placencia, who has worked at the company for nearly 11 years. "Everybody here is like family. It's just like an extension of family. I'll miss everybody, but I know they'll go on to do great things."

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