Maine almost feels lowkey obsessed with monkeys, when you really think about it.

Runaway Monkey in Portland, Maine

It was almost a year ago, around 4th of July weekend, when all anyone was talking about was a runaway monkey that was seen making its way around Congress Street near Tandem Coffee and Bakery in Portland.

Google Maps
Google Maps

And actually, after that monkey made headlines last summer for being spotted near Tandem Coffee, no one ever saw or heard about the monkey again.

But fast forward almost a full year and Mainers have monkeys on the brain again, after this time, a sign was seen in Bridgewater, Maine, that's got everyone buzzing.

Ines d'Anselme / Savannah Rohleder
Ines d'Anselme / Savannah Rohleder

Maine Reddit is always a gold mine for funny memes, stories that you might've missed, and also just some random, RANDOM stuff.

Bridgewater Free Baptist Church

And one of the things that's gone viral in Maine is a recent picture taken of the sign for Bridgewater Free Baptist Church in Bridgewater that includes one of those stereotypical philosophical quotes that church signs are known for.

And it's all about monkeys.

Maine, U.S.A. Surely it's meant to be humor?
by u/weakenedstrain in Maine

And you already know Mainers went off in the comments with, well, typical Maine one-liners because that's just how we do.

'Sadly, I don’t think they’re joking. Some people so deeply misunderstand speciation by means of natural selection that this sort of statement is considered a sound argument.'


'It's also just evolved from apes, not monkeys.'


'tHeN why R tHerE sTiLL aPeSss?'


'And why is there more than one type of bird?'


'If Rock n Roll descended from Jazz, why is there still Jazz??'


'If white Americans descended from Europeans, why are there still Europeans??'


'Man is just a s****y ape. We are like 98% chimp, we just went bald, got anxiety and have a gift for killing each other so we can decide who is going to f*** up the planet first...'


'As a former Baptist I can say with 100% confidence it's not meant to be humorous to most. It's a common joke used to cast those believing in evolution as brain dead. Its really common. Heard it often.'

Monkeys: making Maine go ape s*** since, well, July 2022?

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