If you have ever pleasure skated or figure skated at Sawyer Ice Arena or played minor or adult hockey there you probably have an opinion about a place that probably meant, or still means a lot to you.

Especially if you played minor hockey, those memories will be with you a lifetime if you fell in love with the game.

The City of Bangor Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a meeting you are invited to this evening to help come up with a plan for the future of Sawyer Arena.

Bangor Parks & Rec has brought in an architecture firm plus a management and design company to figure out what the future should hold. And they are looking for feedback by the public which will help the City determine what is next for the Sawyer Arena and for the Recreation Center.

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Google Maps


The meeting is tonight Tuesday May 9th between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the Parks & Rec building at 647 Main Street. Or you may drop by tomorrow Wednesday, the 10th during their business hours to share your ideas.

There is also a way to submit feedback on line by participating in a survey created by Berry Dunn, Architecture. The online survey feedback can be submitted until May 31st.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Some options discussed so far.

Renovating Sawyer Arena, or rebuilding a new Sawyer Arena.  Same scenario with the Recreation Center, which houses Bangor Parks & Recreation - renovate or rebuild.

Or Building a new, combined Ice Arena and Recreation Center

Bangor Parks & Rec is also looking for ideas on what activities should take place in the new or renovated facilities.

Full disclosure: I already suggested lunch time adult pick up hockey and offered to help recruit and promote that great activity.

The slate is clean.  Submit your opinions too, now during these feasibility studies.

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