Brewer couple Jamie Martin and Mark MacDonald have been dating for almost seven years.

Just four months into the start of their relationship, Martin was diagnosed with cancer.

April Fool's Engagement: FB, Jamie Martin & Mark MacDonald

"It happened so early on in our relationship and made us really evaluate our commitment. Obviously he stayed. He was such a great support and helped keep me from being super depressed over it all."

Martin, the GM of Longhorn in Bangor, and MacDonald, a Loan Officer at Brewer FCU, even share a child together.

Gregory, Facebook: Jamie Martin

"Gregory is 4. We definitely put the cart before the horse because after I had cancer a baby was more important than a wedding. But I always wanted the ring!!!"

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Martin and MacDonald had yet to "seal the deal" and make their relationship "official"...that is until this week, when MacDonald played the ultimate April Fool's prank on Martin, and caught it all on video!

"I thought my brother, wife and his mother in law were coming to visit and we were going to dinner. My brother was filming. It’s been a long running joke about Mark buying guitars and not a ring, so when he wanted to show my brother his guitar, I was totally uninterested, hence me on the phone... He’s also joking about everything all the time, so the whole ring pop."

April Fool's Engagement: The joke-not joke, Facebook, Jamie Martin

The couple's son, Gregory, was pretty excited...perhaps more so for the Ring Pop Mark had given him! Martin said he was a little confused at first...

"He asked if we were having a baby! The answer is no to that one!"

Apparently, MacDonald had been planning the proposal for a few weeks, now, and Martin was apparently the last to know.

"He’s had it planned for over a month now... I just turned 40 and all of my close people have known since my birthday last month."

And although she did voice some concern over whether or not the ring would fit...

April Fool's Engagement, the ring
Facebook, Jamie Martin

"It’s really funny (because) I broke my wrist (the day before Valentine's day) hand is still swollen, which is why I didn’t think it would fit. He’s actually been joking that I bought him more time by breaking it... little did I know... but (it's) on the mend now... that ring makes it hurt less!"

When asked if they've set a date yet, Martin answered "No date... probably another 6 years before that happens!"

Congratulations to Mark and Jamie (and Gregory!) and we wish you all the best in the future!

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