Who thinks to create a cleaning robot for schools during a pandemic?  These kids at Nokomis have and they're getting national attention and prizes for it, too!

As reported by ABC-7/Fox22, the Nokomis Warriors have made the semi-finals of a science competition that is running nationwide.  They are the only school in Maine that has made the semi-finals and among 75 groups nationwide competing in a pretty impressive competition.

The competition is called 'Samsung Solve for Tomorrow'.  The contest is for 6th to 12th graders and revolves around using knowledge of STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and math to create improvement in their communities.

The robot is called ATLAS and sanitizes the school environment all on it's own.  The students found that teachers were losing time in their day due to sanitizing and found a way to help resolve a problem that didn't use to be a problem not too long ago.

Entering the contest, teachers get some great development opportunities and schools get awarded prizes as they advance in the contest.

Becoming semi-finalists, the school has already won $15,000 in prizes so far. The semi finalists will compete in a second round of the competition in April to narrow the field to 10 finalists.  In May, three national winners will be chosen for the competition.

Good luck to our Nokomis Warriors in the next round of competition.  You have the whole State of Maine behind you!

Take a tour through the halls of Nokomis High School in the video below from the R.S.U. 19 YouTube Channel.



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