LifeFlight of Maine has upgraded its fleet, with two new, state-of-the-art helicopters.

If you think LifeFlight has been flying a little faster lately, you're right. The new helicopters can fly faster, have a greater weight carrying capacity, and more room for patient care. What that means is that they're now able to get critically ill or injured patients to the hospital quicker, saving even more lives.

LifeFlight of Maine
LifeFlight of Maine

I don't know about you, but every time I see one of these helicopters in the air, I say a little prayer for the person they're helping. A friend was once helped by this amazing team of professionals, and that ride likely saved his life. And now, they can do their job even more efficiently.

Part of the proceeds that made these purchases possible came from the annual Cross for LifeFlight, which was formerly called the Islesboro Crossing. This popular annual event has participants swimming between the Lincolnville Ferry Terminal and Islesboro. But that was just a portion of the more than 6,000 donors who made the goal of buying new helicopters possible, also including several large gifts from individuals and foundations, as well of hundreds of smaller gifts.

The new helicopters are replacing two older models that were purchased in 2004. They've served honorably for 16 years, but it was time for an upgrade, in order to best serve the residents of Maine.

A virtual celebration to introduce the new aircraft will be held on April 15th, via Facebook live at 5pm. Crew members will give virtual tours from the Bangor hangar, and there will be remarks from LifeFlight of Maine Executive Director Tom Judge, LifeFlight Foundation Executive Director Kate O'Halloran, CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah, and Maine Warden Service Chaplain Kate Braestrup. In addition, one of the first patients to be carried by one of the new helicopters will tell their story. The crew will also answer questions, that can be sent via

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