Maine’s funniest standup comedian seemed kinda freaked out by the crazy weather yesterday afternoon and evening.

Although here in the Bangor area, we got pretty lucky with the amount of rain that fell, Southern parts of the state weren’t so lucky. News Center Maine was instructing people to seek shelter, and use pillows, blankets, and even helmets for protection from the possibility of tornado-like conditions. As you can imagine, Uncle Bobby had some fun with this when he uploaded this Facebook video yesterday.

Mainers posted some crazy videos of lightning strikes and the heavy downpours that occurred. One lightning strike, in particular, started a house fire in Falmouth. I can tell you that my eyes were glued to the news, wondering if this weather pattern was headed right for those of us in the Bangor area. In the end, we got the least of it, and now we have a couple of nice end-of-summer, sunny days to look forward to!

And like everyone else this week, Bob Marley was also upset by the sad news of Norm Macdonald’s passing after a 9-year battle with cancer, saying “This sucks. I love this guy. I worked with him a lot in Los Angeles. He was always hilariously funny and such a nice guy. RIP Norm.”

One more bit of Bob news, he has several Maine stand-up gigs coming in the next few weeks. For all the dates, times, and show details, check out:

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