Bundle up because it could actually be a 3 dog night.

One can only hope that the furnace remains running as the National Weather Service informs us that wind chills could dip as low as 0 degrees this Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.  We're certainly not used to wind chills like what's expected at this point of the year, so you may want to dress like it's the Arctic if you're working on the road or anywhere else outdoors tonight.

We'll have a mostly sunny day in Bangor today with a high temperature of 28 degrees, although the winds will gust as high as 24 mph.  Mostly clear skies tonight will make for a bitterly cold night in Bangor and downeast as temps will dip as low as 12 degrees.  Winds will be relatively calm which is a plus, but what winds there will be will make it feel like 0 degrees at times.

By Thursday we'll get back to what we're used to as it will be a partly sunny day with a real nice high temperature of 36 in Bangor.

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