A video that surfaced this week on YouTube purports to show a Bigfoot-like creature in Turner, Maine.

You can see a figure enter the frame at about the 2:05 mark.

Bill Brock, a Mainer himself, hosts the Discovery Channel series "Monsters Underground." He came to Turner to investigate the sighting. On Sunday, he said he couldn't identify the creature in the video footage.

"I cant seem to tell what it was for sure.. I wish I could I so badly wanted to debunk this today.. I really thought I was going to be doing a video on how this was a hunter out back.. I left with questions," Brock wrote in the comments section under the video on his YouTube channel.

The video above was shot by a teenager from Turner. In the video below, the eyewitness told Brock he heard howling behind his house. Those howls and other noises behind the home prompted him to set up the camera.

So what do you think? Do you believe this was a real Bigfoot sighting?

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