Traffic in Hermon slowed down for a little while Tuesday afternoon, as crews tried to right a big-rig that had rolled over.

Yogurt Big Rig 8--Facebook Town Of Hermon Fire Department

According to Assistant Fire Chief, Cody Sullivan, of the Hermon Fire Department, the call came in around 1PM.

Yogurt Big Rig 4--Facebook Town Of Hermon Fire Department

Dispatchers said that an 18 wheeler had rolled over on the corner of the Coldbrook Road and the Odlin Road in Hermon.

Yogurt Big Rig 3--Facebook Town Of Hermon Fire Department

Hermon Fire Department worked with the Penobscot County Sheriffs to reroute traffic away from the scene.

Yogurt Big Rig 6--Facebook Town Of Hermon Fire Department

And while the driver was not injured, thankfully, the truck was leaking diesel fuel.

Yogurt Big Rig 1--Facebook Town Of Hermon Fire Department

Luckily, the rollover happened right near by Dysart's Restaurant and Truck Stop, and members of the Dysart's Service Team sprang into action, providing some equipment and rags to soak up the fuel that was leaking.

Yogurt Big Rig 7--Facebook Town Of Hermon Fire Department

Assistant Chief Sullivan said the trailer, which was hauling 30,000 pounds of frozen yogurt, had to be unloaded by hand before it could be set straight and removed...which was no small feat on a hot day!

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Members of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, who were on hand assisting with the spill..

Yogurt Big Rig 11--Facebook Town Of Hermon Fire Department

along with folks from Bouchard Towing and Phil's Towing, who were on hand to help with the big rig....

Yogurt Big Rig 10--Facebook Town Of Hermon Fire Department

joined members of the Hermon Fire Department in moving the Frozen Fruit Treats in a bit of an old school Bucket Brigade!

We're told it took them over 3 hours to transfer the treats to a nearby refrigerated truck.

Yogurt Big Rig -9-Facebook Town Of Hermon Fire Department

Sullivan said the Sheriff's office is still looking in to the cause of the roll over.

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