Adweek is reporting that Target stores nationwide are getting a remodel in the coming years.

The big idea is that not any two stores will look the same because each local store will be hyper-focused on what that store's customers' needs are. This could look like two separate entrances which could include a better flow for its two core customers: the ones who need to shop and go, and the others who want to wander and discover.

Check out this visual from Adweek to give you a picture of what could be coming to Longview Drive in Bangor.

For those that need to shop and go the store will provide an entrance just for the quick customers with straight forward navigating and even your own self-check outs.

The wanderers will have more of a curvy path with sections set up to envision a more well-rounded visualization of its products including multi-tiered displays and mannequins… everywhere.

Personally, I have room in my life for both experiences but would prefer the stop-and-go experience especially since I shouldn’t be tempted with pretty pillows and sweet stretchy red pants when I just need to pick up milk and laundry detergent.

It’s unknown when the Bangor Target will get the remodel, but the outlook is by the year 2020, 1,000 of its 1,800+ will be redesigned.

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