Bangor's Acadia Hospital has been a staple for mental health services for a generation.  This year they are celebrating 25 years offering care and support to the community of Maine.

This year they have created a series of videos with focus on mental health issues now focusing on labels.  Acadia Hospital's new campaign Beyond Labels focuses on the following:

Beyond the treatment we provide, however, is our mission of empowering people to improve their lives.  We believe that individuals are defined by the lives they live, not by their challenges. That’s why we have committed to a new campaign called, Beyond Labels.

A new series of videos will focus on individual community members and the stigma of their labels.

The purpose of these videos is to put faces to the diagnosis and to humanize and recognize these labels:

The point we want to make, most of all, is that mental illness can impact anyone regardless of age, income, race or a host of other variables. It is important for people who are impacted by a mental health challenge that they realize they are not alone, and that there is hope as they search for a sense of well-being in order to live their lives to the fullest...the core message we want to convey is this: We are defined by the lives we live, not by our challenges.

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If you are unsure of your mental health status, try their free and confidential Mental Health Screening Tool.

Check out previous Acadia Hospital videos on their YouTube channel.  Here is a video on teen suicide released earlier this fall:

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