Maine Life Real Estate has published a list of Maine's Hottest Towns for 2021, like they've done every year since 2017.  This year we saw some interesting results including the town that came in number one, which had never been on this list in year's past.

The Hottest Town for this year's list was the cute, coastal town of Belfast. Here's what was included on the list with their #1 spot:

"Crowned the Hottest Towns 2021 Winner, Belfast charged ahead with an extraordinary 26% increase in the number of homes sold! Not only did the number of houses sold increase dramatically, but the median sale price soared from $245,000 to $300,000, making it the second highest on the list at a 22.4% increase. Once a territory for the Penobscot tribe of Abenaki Native Americans, Belfast is now a popular spot for tourists."


Maine's Hottest Towns List 2021

Here's how the top 10 list, which included some anomalies not seen on this annual list from year's past:

1. Belfast

2. Presque Isle

3. Portland

4. Old Orchard Beach

5. Westbrook

6. Lisbon

7. Naples

8. Bangor

9. Augusta

10. Scarborough

The Usuals

Some towns/cities listed are usual suspects on this list. Augusta has appeared on this list before and so has Old Orchard Beach. To see them back on the list isn't too surprising. We also see the return of Lisbon and Scarborough.

The Unusuals

Belfast has never been on this list since it's inception. To have this quaint coastal town appear as #1 on the list is pretty incredible. Also incredible is the inclusion of Presque Isle. Presque Isle has never been on this list either. In fact, no Aroostook town has ever been on the list before, so, this is kind of stunning.

And, believe it or not, Portland has never been on the list area. Surrounding towns are usuals on the list but, never Maine's biggest city. Maybe it's a comfortable spot for those looking to get away from New York City or Boston but still have a more urban existence. Westbrook was also a new location on the 'Hottest Towns' list, too. It was also the first time for Bangor and Naples.

Trends Seen This Year

People wanted to move more north then usual, as seen in the locations above the Lewiston/Auburn area: Bangor, Augusta, Belfast, and Presque Isle. Usually, we see one or two locations above the Lewiston/Auburn area not nearly half the list.

Congratulations to this fine town and all the towns on this list for 2021.

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