Science! Where are the guys from The Big Bang Theory when you need them?

Weather-wise this has not been a fun week. With chilly, bone-cracking temps and the looming blizzard on Saturday, that is estimated to dump somewhere between 8 t0 12 inches of fluffy snow on us, there is no doubt whatsoever that winter is here, and doesn’t have any plans to go away anytime soon.

Driving into work on Thursday morning, it was a delightful 17 below zero, and it didn’t really let up. As schoolkids made their way to class, it was about 20 below the donut hole. Not a barrel of laughs, but one teacher at the Veazie Community School decided to try something cool.

Brian Gonyar, who is the Math/Social Studies Teacher & Athletic Coordinator at Veazie Community School, that educates students from Kindergarten through the 8th grade. Before the school days started, he put on a little magic show, when hot water is quickly exposed to sub-zero temperatures.

What happens if you throw hot water in cold air?

Cold air is dense, which makes its capacity to hold water vapor molecules very low. So, when you chuck some hot water into the crazy cold air, the smallest droplets are able to cool and evaporate in a dramatic, almost slow-motion cloud, before they reach the ground.

This certainly can be dangerous if when you throw it, a gust of wind comes out of nowhere. The wind could blow it back in your face, or it could get into your clothes. Don't try this at home without some responsible adult supervision.

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