This man has a lot of skill! He also shows how most of Mainers can handle ourselves during on of the biggest storms of the year.  He has dubbed himself as The Skateboarding Accountant and not only can he crunch numbers like a pro but he also is able to skateboard down a snowy street during a huge Nor'Easter.  Viva life!!!

This guy sure likes to skate. Here he is in -7 degree weather first thing in the morning practicing his ollies:

His YouTube name is Michael Scott, which I'm not sure whether I should believe or not.  In the about section of his YouTube channel he includes this information about himself:

Lover, explorer and mustache owner.

Also on his channel is a video of him singing The Pogues on his way to work.  Had some difficulties getting it in the post so I provided a link in the sentence above.  I love The Pogues, so here's the tune he was singing.  Enjoy and stay warm!

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