Tuesday, September 11 the Bangor Public Library will host a night of civility, or at least a workshop on how to converse civilly.

The workshop will be led by experts with a goal of changing the tone of a conversation to cool down a heated discussion.

The event is described as follows:

Election season is upon us but that doesn't mean you have to have to stop talking about the issues that matter. In fact, we're partnering with experts to try and change the tone of the debate both in Augusta and in Washington, for a special workshop right here in Bangor...


With tools and trainings built specifically to elevate a conversation we're hoping you will bring your voice to a discussion that aims not to change minds on controversial issues, but to have a healthy debate where everyone feels heard.

The key to this workshop will be the goal of not winning a debate but to actually show your point of view effectively with a focus on group discussion as well as on one-on-one discussion.

The workshop is being put on by Maine Revives Civility which is part of a national effort led by the National Institute on Civil Discourse to change the way we talk to one another. The event is also being hosted by AARP Maine.

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