The Queen City has a long history that had some dark times.

A city where a vice president was possibly murdered and a Public Enemy No. 1 was killed in the streets definitely has its ghosts.

We have gathered a list of the Top 5 places in Bangor we think would be the most likely to be haunted based on the history and local legends.

Here are 6 more places that may have ghostly spirits! Can you think of any places we missed in Bangor?

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  • 1

    Thomas A. Hill House

    159 Union Street, Bangor

    Currently acting as the Bangor Historical Society, this building was once the home to the mayors of Bangor in the 1800s. The home's most infamous ghost is former Mayor Samuel Dale. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 Bangorians joined together to raise funds to send to relief efforts. Mayor Dale was the one entrusted with the raised $10,000 to send to Chicago. However, the money vanished, and Dale was found dead after an apparent suicide just weeks later. Could his guilty ghost still roam the halls of this mansion?

    Photo, Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media
  • 2

    Mount Hope Cemetery

    1048 State St., Bangor

    Everyone knows this place was pretty spooky when it was featured in the Stephen King movie "Pet Semetary" but could there be real evil and spirits among the rows of tombs? In 1836 Mount Hope was founded as one of the first garden cemeteries in the U.S. Some of the graves belong to soldiers from all major U.S. wars including some of the first Civil War monuments in the country. Vice President Hannibal Hamlin is buried here as well. Could they be the ghostly figures seen in the shadows? Or maybe it's something more evil like the ghost of Public Enemy No. 1 Al Brady? People from all over the world agree this is one very haunted place!

    Photo, Amanda McDonald
  • 3

    The Tarratine Club

    81 Park Street, Bangor

    This building was once a busy exclusive club where men would gather to play cards, and smoke cigars. This building was recently reopened to the public as an event venue but visitors may be intruding in a spirit's space. It is rumored the club's first president may still be keeping an eye on the place. The first president happened to also be former U.S. Vice President, Hannibal Hamlin.  During a round of cards Hamlin, at the club in it's original location, fell ill and hours later died on a couch. Although the VP was known to have previous health issues it is rumored his death may have been intentional. Could Hamlin's ghost be looking to play another round of cards, or maybe he is looking for the couch he died on which supposedly resides just down the road at the Bangor Public Library.

    Photo, Amanda McDonald
  • 4

    The Isaac Farrar Mansion

    17 Second St., Bangor

    Built in the 1840s by lumber baron Isaac Farrar this mansion has seen many years gone by and has been home to multiple families as well as the Bangor Symphony Orchestra. This place is also home to many ghost stories. The Farrar family and other former occupants, the Merrills, both had multiple children and lost some of them at very young ages. Perhaps this could explain the ghost children sightings and unexplained giggles heard throughout the halls. The most notorious ghost in this home is most likely the ghost in the band room. In the 1970s a female presence became known leading the Bangor Band to write a popular marching song called "The Ghost of the Band Room."

    Photo, Amanda McDonald
  • 5

    The Bangor Opera House

    131 Main Street, Bangor

    After a devastating fire in 1914 the original Bangor Opera House was rebuilt and has stood proudly on Main st. ever since. During the fire a brick wall collapsed killing two firefighters whose ghosts have been seen watching many Penobscot Theatre performances among the audience. However, they are not alone! Theatre performers have reported a small girl who is seen and heard as well as an elderly woman.

  • Bonus*

    Stephen King's House?

    Of course this is a private home so there are very few reports on what happens in the King home. But with bats and spiders on the gate surrounding the property, one can only imagine the inside of the home and what dwells there. Is Stephen King's home haunted? We don't know. But if there was ever a place for a haunting, this would be it! And if you're a Stephen King fan, be sure to visit all the places in Bangor that have inspired the master of horror.

    Photo, Amanda McDonald