Our pal Jackson was sharing his charm with all of Maine via the Nite Show with Danny Cashman this weekend.

Jackson Woodward of Bangor is a 7-year-old "Price Is Right" savant.  He's loved the show nearly all of his conscious life and has recreated many of the shows games at home to live the game show life, quite literally!

He loves the show so much that he has dressed up as Drew Carey for Halloween and has made a few trips out to California to see the show in person.  Jackson recently traveled to California for a "Kids Version" taping of the show recently, which is scheduled to air in March.

Watch as Nite Show host Danny Cashman and Jackson play one of Jackson's favorite 'Price Is Right' games, Plinko, with Portland's Q97.9 Morning Show host Jeff Parsons acting as the game show host.

Z107.3 caught wind of Jackson's talent last fall and got to check out the real deal for ourselves.

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